EAGR performance improvement

Workshop Focus on Expertise

A Workshop “Focus on expertise” sets of expertise development and brings performance to a higher level. It can be about individual expertise as well as team expertise and can be relevant for every profession and function level. Mechanics, planners, managers, sales people, pilots and sailors. All examples of jobs being trained with the EAGR concept. Especially the training of operational decision makers can, with relatively little effort, have substantial impact on quality and financial results.

No more sleep-inducing lectures or laborious rote learning. In the workshop participants integrate theory and it’s application into practical thinking. In the same time theory lectures might take before, participants develop practical concepts that support and accelerate learning on the job significantly. As an EAGR mechanic trainee said ‘I can’t explain how, but I look differently when I am on a job’.

Simulation is the booster of development in the workshop. It provides the reality people need for substantial learning of what really matters. In the workshop we put the traditional curriculum more or less upside down. We start experimenting with and discussing challenging assignments. Only after everyone performs on an acceptable level the expert will give his point of view. By that time there is no question of passive lecture. Instead a lifely discussion between experts and trainees. By that time it becomes clear that theory has largely been internalized and whenever this is not yet the case, learning will turn out to be a relatively trivial matter.

To improve the expertise level of a team we more or less follow the same path. By experimenting together, solving and discussing issues and perspectives, team members come out of their ‘alleys’ and in the context of the common experience the team develops common concepts. This leads to sharp insights in the importance of the own expertise and those of others focused on how how to make effective use of both. Insights are largely subconscious and difficult to make explicit. As a manager put it “I listen to my experts differently, I still don’t understand every detail, but I feel that my assessment is clearer and I make better decisions in a more conscious way”.