EAGR performance improvement

To support natural learning
we need a clear idea of what people are

Important to the Expert Oriented Organization (EOO) is the EAGR training philosophy. It supports designing effective training, but above all it helps learning on the job. We aren’t always aware of the fact that most of our professional development comes about while doing the job. Important is to make use of our brain with it’s goal oriented character. Further we need to realize that people can’t help themselves. All they can do is pursue what to them personally feels important. The Dutch Acronym for the Expert Oriented Organisation is EGO. EGO refers nicely to this essence of the machine called man. For whom succeeds to tune the performance of healthy expert ego’s, expertise development and strong cooperation is business as usual.

The EAGR training philosophy leans heavily on insights of recent brain research. These make it easy to understand what many of us have known intuitively for a long time: clarity about responsibility and development of expertise are connected inextricably.