EAGR performance improvement

Demands the Expert Oriented Organization
sets to the manager

The manager of the Expert Oriented Organization (EOO) needs three essential talents. First, a good boss is able to hold his people accountable. What you ask is what you get. The level on which a boss set demands, is the level on which people will perform. Second, a good boss is able to trust his people. Of course we don’t mean blind trust. What we need is authentic trust in the sense of realistic perceptions and knowing what to expect of one another. Authentic trust will grow with the relationship and is based on a shared vision on objectives and responsibilities in the organization on the one hand and competence, potential and ambitions of employees and teams on the other hand. Third, a good boss is able to watch over preconditions for performance and development. Essential here is that demands are set clearly and where the job requires expertise, the boss takes care to organize such that expertise develops and consolidates.

EAGR will be pleased to support management in applying and internalizing these essentials. If you wish to get acquainted with the Expert Oriented Organization EAGR will be glad to organize a workshop Focus op Human Performance.