EAGR performance improvement

Focus on development of thinking

Expertise development means development of thinking. In a developing world this comes about automatically. Adapt to a changing environment implies seeing new possibilities, develop new concepts and integrate these in existing repertoire. It also entails leaving old habits and that isn’t always easy. Particularly not when it involves letting go of fundamental thinking patterns. Especially then we seem to have the, mostly subconscious, inclination to make sure we don’t need to change ourselves. Solutions are sought in improving systems, procedures or often preferred …. other people.

Learning is our survival mechanism and developing in time can mean a considerable competition advantage. Especially in a fast changing world where operational margins are small, the importance of flexible anticipation is obvious. When in your company expertise development stagnates and you don’t seem to be able to use the opportunities the world offers, these are grounds to start a trajectory to recover the learning ability of your organization.

Of course such a development will not happen overnight. It is a learning path that might even involve culture change. That takes time. However, it doesn’t need to be very complicated. It might be hard to get started. Once you are on your way, every next step will reveal itself. One day it will have happened and expertise development is a habit and professionalism is evident.