EAGR performance improvement

EAGR training starts with experience

Where in traditional training, curricula are set up in terms of topics, competencies or bite size training objectives, in EAGR training programs we think in terms of job assignments that awaken and challenge a student’s professional pride. An EAGR curriculum turns the traditional training approach upside down. Students perform the job before discussing the theory behind it. We only appreciate a solution for a problem that we are familiar with. In this context the character of a theory lesson will be quite different. Instead of an instructor monologue or questions and answers guided by the instructor, the session will be driven by the questions students have following their personal experience. Demands and performance standards are set by the instructor. This provides clarity, based on which students internalize goals and responsibilities quickly and in a natural way obtain control over their own learning. Focus in training is on thinking and the development of an overall picture and a growing conception of the job. The motto here is clear thinking leads to clear acting. Time and again in EAGR Workshops Focus on Expertise cutting theory beforehand proves to have a positive impact on performance. Training not only turns out to be much more fun, it also proves to be more effective where performance on the job is concerned.